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Tulsi Ramsay is one of the most popular director of horror films in Indian cinema and part of the famous Ramsay Brothers- the seven sons of F U Ramsay. F U Ramsay was well-known for producing horror films during the 1970s and 1980s. His film, Ek Nanhi Munni Ladki Thi (1970) was appreciated for its monster scene and that gave the brothers Tulsi and Shyam the idea to explore the horror genre.

Tulsi Ramsay was born on 29 July, 1944 in Karachi. Along with his brothers he was trained by his father in the art of film-making. The Ramsay Brothers made low cost films which did commercially well and earned great profits. F U Ramsay termed it the “tiffin-box production” which was made using resources from within the family.

Tulsi Ramsay’s directorial debut was Nakuli Shaan (1971) but it was with Do Gaz Zameen Ke Neeche (1972) that he was established as a successful director. The Ramsay Brothers had found the formula for success; if the audiences liked to be scared then they would scare them. With the horror genre as their trademark, many of their films were commercial success including Darwaza(1978), Aur Kaun? (1979), Guest House (1980), Dahshat (1981), Maut Ka Saya (1982) and Purana Mandir (1984).

The credit for making the first Indian 3D horror film also goes to Tulsi Ramsay. Ramsay Productions’ 3D Saamri (1985) was one of the highest grossers at the box-office. Tahkhana (1986) and Veerana (1988) were the other hits of the 80s.

During the early 90s they continued to rake in profits with hits such as Bandh Darwaza (1990), Ajooba Kudrat Ka (1991) and Inspector Dhanush (1991). Tulsi also wrote the story for Inspector Dhanush (1991).

It was however, with Zee TV’s The Zee Horror Show (1993) that Ramsay won the hearts of millions of horror fans across the country. It led to the popularity of the horror genre within television as well. Tulsi, along with his brothers, achieved all this in an age when technology was limited. With the coming in of the new age technology they have slowed down but not yet vanished from the scene. Tulsi’s last production was the film Aatma (2006).

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